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The True Essence of Audio Books!

Since the emergence of audio books, it could be said that listening pleasure has taken on a more noteworthy meaning. You will never have a dull moment. They are so handy they can be taken and used almost anywhere. They also make shrewd and creative gifts.

If you'd rather give your eyes a rest, then books in audio are just the thing. If book clubs can provide a way to keep friendships alive as well as an opportunity to make new ones then audio books can simply help you to find time to read more. Listening is not a hassle. You can still do it even with friends around. You can carry it with you and it can give you the opportunity to share your books with friends.

Books in audio format no longer have a negative stigma so why not take on this modern approach to storytelling and enjoy even more books. If you don't have a Smartphone or iPod ask your children or grandchildren to download a book and burn it to disk- this way you can listen to your favourite books on a CD player at home.

New devices such as the Kindle Touch boast a 'read to me' feature, which converts an eBook into an audio book. This will be particularly useful for people with visual impairments and lets you "read" while driving, for example.

Some people agree that audio books help children see the humour in writing. This is something children often miss when reading printed books. They are an excellent way to help children develop the reading habit. It has been said that reading aloud to children is beneficial to their success in reading. This can be confirmed by the fact that an enormous number of these kinds of books are used for teaching purposes today.

It has been proven that audio books allow the listener to retain their visualisation and picture-making skills. The listener's enjoyment of audio books doesn't stop with the visualisation - as they listen their understanding is also helped by the tone of voice, the accent and the emphasis and timing given to the text by the professional reader.

To add a special touch, modern audiobooks are narrated by actors or in special cases the books' authors, which is great if you happen to be reading an autobiography or memoirs because the subject could be telling you their story.

Everyone deserves the same access to books and literature regardless of disability, illness or learning difficulty. For many people, the spoken word can provide welcome relief from the pain and loneliness often experienced as a result of having a disability. For younger members with a learning difficulty such as dyslexia, audio books can be equally helpful.

Audio books are a practical and convenient way to fill your time with great literature. The only difference is you're listening rather than reading.

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