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Secrets of the Egole's Nest Authored by Daniel B. Royer

When individuals read Secrets of the Egole's Nest by Daniel B. Royer, they will see evidence of the author's extraordinary imagination and creativity through the bound pages of this exciting book. The storyline moves at a fast pace with unique characters whose individual personality traits and unusual powers are magical, mystical, and very much needed for space travel as they intervene to help those on other planets. It is unlike any other science-fiction book that you have read; the plot and subplots are mesmerizing and unforgettable.

The main character is Aben whom we meet at the age of thirteen on Castlerock Road where he lives with his soldier father--a Colonel--and the overbearing, unpretentious and very capable caretaker, Nanny Busien. Aben looks forward to the times his father comes home for a brief visit as the two of them are very close and enjoy being together. Both of them miss Marlya Egole--their loving wife and mother who had mysteriously disappeared years earlier.

Aben excelled academically and would soon graduate from high school, but he has difficulty with friendships because of the restraints of his nanny. However when Nastera Roshen, a sprightly-eyed girl with an enchanting smile--someone his own age--moves into the house next door, the two of them soon became friends. It is a friendship that will change his life as well as that of his father in ways they could not have imagined.

Nastera offers Aben her hand and, when he takes it, she implants a heavenly micro-organism, virally activating his powerful DNA which gives him incredible abilities. Before he understands what has happened, he is standing on planet Zonda. It seems that Nastera is a recruiter going to various planets and asking selective individuals to be apprentices in a new legion of Astroknights who would be trained and sent to other worlds with the purpose of fighting off foreign invaders. The young recruiter also tells him that his mother is alive and well and gives him some surprising information regarding his grandfather.

Later, back home at his high school graduation ceremony, when Aben, the brilliant and very young high school graduate speaks, his powerful emotions and new abilities set off starbursts of dazzling and colourful explosions. All in attendance are amazed and entertained by the display but have no idea that Aben brought about this spectacular event. As the storyline evolves, the young scholar realizes that he has to learn to control his emotions--a difficult task.

To move this review forward, my readers can assume that Aben does indeed become an apprentice, and both he and his father move to Zonda where his father later becomes his commander with the new title of General Egole. But first Aben, along with others who also have unique abilities, are extensively trained before meeting the requirements necessary to be an Astroknight and to participate in dangerous space warfare.

Readers will become captivated with holography, teleporting, invisibility, vile flying creatures, giant creatures, character clouds, surgery to enhance analytical abilities, teleportation, the tyrant Warnod who has plans to rule the universe, blackhole technology to relocate 8 planets, the stopping of time, and the strategies used by Aben and his comrades while in battle. They will not be able to turn the pages fast enough to learn what happens next. Will the wife and mother who disappeared years earlier be found and reunited with General Egole and Aben? If so, where has she been and why did she leave them?

The description used to present this unfolding drama is outstanding with the environment so vividly depicted that readers will believe they are in the midst of all these happenings. I have no reservations in recommending this book as a read, especially for those who enjoy science-fiction and space travel.

Author of seven books, book reviewer, former publisher and radio talk show host.

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